Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review 9 Compass Box Spice Tree

Here we have the first review of 3 in a Compass Box miniseries to show support for their Whisky Transparency campaign (more info Here).

Spice tree is a Blended Malt whisky, different to a 'normal' blended whisky in that it is compromised only of malt whisky with no grain whisky added. In this case the 3 malts are Clynelish, Dailuane and Teaninich.

Spice tree has a rocky past, the original incarnation was pulled from sale after the SWA (Scotch Whisky Association) deemed that the way that the blend was matured was against regulations. The 3 malts had been vatted together and toasted French Oak staves had been placed into the case with the whisky to impart flavour in a different manner than just the maturation cask itself. However, a few years later and thanks to a change in maturation techniques (CB started to used heavily toasted cask heads instead) Spice Tree was reborn.

Malt Music

I think with this dram, particularly given its rich, spicy profile the dram couples well with the rich and spicy tones of the late and great Otis Redding with try a Little Tenderness

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