Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Malt Box Returns

It's back!

The Malt Box Vlog is back up and running after nearly 3 years and this time we're here to stay!

Every Thursday you'll have a new Whisky Vlog review covering whiskies from across the globe as I work my way not only through my own shelves but through suggestions that you yourselves put forwards!

I'm very excited to be breathing new life into this and I'm looking forward to getting back out there into the Whiskyverse.

The first review will be posted this Thursday (15th October) with the first 3 reviews covering part of the Benromach range with the first video covering the recently released and new distillery entry level 5 year old.

You'll hear more closer to Thursday but until then check out the twitter page @MaltBox or drop an email to Maltbox(at)gmail.com.


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